Approved!  We were approved to locate our market at the lot on the corner of First and Adams Streets.  We are grateful that the Village Board is giving us an opportunity to share our vision with Greenport residents and visitors.  Looking forward to a great season at the market.
Spent a nice (ok..... maybe a little damp) afternoon at the Lenz Artisan and Farmers’ Market today. Lots of networking with vendors and future customers. Bought plenty of yummy items for the Easter table: Catapano Lemon Pepper Chevre, KK’s Spinach and Baby Greens, Oysterponds’ Blackberry Jam, Lenz Chardonnay, fresh eggs, pickles, and lots more. We even got one of Blossom Meadow’s Beewax Crayons. It is wonderful to receive the positive feedback, even more excited now for our opening day!

Went to a great meeting yesterday hosted by Kate Plumb, the East Hampton Farmers’ Market Manager. The meeting was a collaboration of all of the Market Managers of the East End. We are going to work together to promote our Markets and provide a support system to each other. This will be a valuable resource going forward.

Getting ready for the big meeting this week. The Greenport Village Board is having a Special Meeting this Friday (4/8) to decide if we will be allowed to locate the market in Mitchell Park. Again, we encourage anyone who supports us to attend this meeting and send a note to Mayor Nyce at: expressing this support.